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Design 38 / 365 Days of Design

I watched a little bit of Blue Planet with my son tonight and was inspired by the massive schools of sardines and their quick, synchronized movements. And then they all got chompy-chomped by tuna, and then dolphins, and then sea birds, and finally sharks. I mean really, they […]

Day 37 / 365 Days of Design

I showed up today, and this is the big reason I’m doing this. Even on days where I’m not feeling it, not feeling inspired, I still sit down and work. This pattern novelty fun for all those knitting lovers, like me, out there. More sheep! Check it out […]

Day 36 / 365 Days of Design

I was a bit aimless tonight. I started with an elephant, then a hedgehog, then thought about doing a quail, and finally decided to do a sheep. It turned out pretty cartoony, but it’s pretty cute! In other news, my pigeon pattern from Day 33 has been featured on […]

Day 30 / 365 Days of Design

SO APPARENTLY I NEVER HIT PUBLISH ON THIS! No, I didn’t miss a day. I just didn’t actually complete the publishing process. Bah!   Taking a page from the previous two days, I did another animal silhouette pattern. Today I wanted to celebrate the beautiful fall that is […]