About Art & Things


My name is Davida Fernandez. I’m a (mostly) self-taught visual designer, illustrator, watercolorist, serial sketcher, and more.

My biggest influences are humor, nature, animals, unusual color palettes, and mid-century modern design. My eclectic style comes from a process of discovery through experimentation. I like to start with a simple idea and explore it, push it 10 steps forward, pull it 3 steps back and then take a right turn. And I always embrace happy accidents along the way!
Some of my earliest memories are of creating drawings and comics for my mom.  There has never been a time where creating art wasn’t an integral, daily part of my life. I did do some formal art study in college, but I’m mostly home-grown.
If you look at my body of work, you can see that I have an open relationship with mediums and styles: I love digital, vector, watercolor, pen and ink, marker and everything in between.
I put my favorite work onto all kinds of products, which you can find at http://davidafernandezdesign.com.  All the clothes and housewares in my shop are manufactured by Print on Demand shops. This means that I can put my designs on a variety of products for you. Quality is of utmost importance, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have a problem with your purchase.
You can see my work all around the web by visiting my linktree page.